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Sunday, December 03, 2023

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harlem-parrotsMy fellow parrot copatriot and friend, Steve Baldwin, posted an article on his website, BrooklynParrots.com about wild Quaker Parrots making a "noisy appearance" in Harlem, NYC, yesterday. 


He goes on to say that where they are nesting remains a mystery. I know where a few of them are, but I have to keep it a secret; otherwise, I'd be violating their trust, and they wouldn't tell me any secrets any more.

EP will be the featured guest on a radio talk show, "Pets, Rescue, etc", hosted by Cheryl Noyes Kenney Lang this Wednesday, 1/11, at 9 PM on internetradioamerica.com

We will be talking about wild Quaker parrots, AKA Monk parakeets. You can call in to ask questions or make comments: 617-381-4700.

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  1. Wild Parrots in New Jersey Need Your Help!

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NJ Law regarding Wild Quakers

Sadly, the law basically sanctions the killing of the birds, even though there are plenty of bird adopters and bird lovers who want to help the birds. So, young birds recovered from nests, along with any eggs inside, are destroyed almost reflexively, as if their lives didn't matter at all. Not only is this process cruel, immoral, and wasteful - it is completely unnecessary.

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Artificial Nesting Platform is a Success


Current NJ laws list Quaker Parrots as a "potentially dangerous" species, so they are not protected by law, but Alison was determined to work with PSE&G to time nest teardowns during a period when cold temperatures would not kill the birds and when eggs or young would not be present in the nests.

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