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Current NJ laws list Quaker Parrots as a "potentially dangerous" species, so they are not protected by law, but Alison was determined to work with PSE&G to time nest teardowns during a period when cold temperatures would not kill the birds and when eggs or young would not be present in the nests.

PSE&G agreed to work with Edgewater Parrots, and nest teardowns were postponed.

Local media coverage of the issue brought many volunteers who were willing to help, and Alison was invited to present the blight of Edgewater's parrots to Edgewater's Mayor and Council. Edgewater's Mayor, Nancy Merse was sympathetic and appointed Councilwoman Maureen Holtje to work with Edgewater Parrots, to insure the continued support of the local government.

Edgewater Parrots devised a plan to save eggs and babies, victims of nest teardowns. We found a sanctuary in NJ, the Arcadia Bird Sanctuary, that was willing to be present at teardowns. We promptly applied for the permit that would allow us to receive baby birds rather than send them to the shelter to be euthanized. That permit is still pending at this writing, but we are hopeful that we will receive it soon.

We held out asking for teardowns as long as we possibly could, still waiting for our permit, but after witnessing mating behavior in the Quakers, and knowing eggs would be present 21 days later, we called upon PSE&G to perform their nest teardowns on Monday, May 16th, when we knew babies would not be present in the nests. As hard as it was to make that call, we knew teardowns had to be done as soon as possible, since we had not received our permit, and we could not afford to wait any longer, since a delay in teardowns would mean that any eggs or babies in the nest would be destroyed.

Ultimately, the best hope we have to prevent nest teardowns, destruction of eggs, and euthanization of babies is to create new legislation. We have enough evidence to create new laws that would protect our feathered friends and accommodate the interests of the power company.

Edgewater Parrots is presently working with NJ officials and activists from other urban areas, with large populations of wild Quakers, to do just that.

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