Sunday, June 04, 2023

EP will be the featured guest on a radio talk show, "Pets, Rescue, etc", hosted by Cheryl Noyes Kenney Lang this Wednesday, 1/11, at 9 PM on

We will be talking about wild Quaker parrots, AKA Monk parakeets. You can call in to ask questions or make comments: 617-381-4700.

Featured on the show will be:
~Alison Evans-Fragale, Founder of Edgewater Parrots. My website is now up at:
~Marc Johnson and Karen Windsor, Directors of Foster Parrots and the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary
~Dr. Michael Gochfeld of Rutgers University, who has studied wild Monk parakeets, extensively, both here and in their native countries. He originally thought the birds were invasive, but his own research led him to believe that they are not invasive, nor do they destroy crops or pose any danger to indigenous birds. He is also a published author of many research papers and books.
~Dr. Joanna Burger, a behavioral ecologist at Rutgers University. In the area of social behavior she works mainly with marine and coastal birds, including the effects of people on reproductive success and ecology of colonial species. She is a well known author on birds:
~Gene Hesse, a former Florida Power and Light Supervisor, now working at Jersey Central Power and Light. He will be happy to address any utility type issues/concerns that you or any callers may have.
~Dr. Anthony Pilny, a Board Certified Avian Vet at The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in NYC.
~Jon-Mark Davey and Jo Davey, authors of the book about wild Quakers, "Parrots in the City".

I have invited Judy Irving and Mark Bittner, known for the documentary film, "Parrots in the City", as well as Denise Kelly, President of the Avian Welfare Coalition Let's hope they will be joining us, as well!

I think we have an interesting line-up. I am still waiting to hear from PSE&G and local politicians. I hope you will be free to join us this Wednesday at 9 PM for "Pets, Rescue, etc." on